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The AffiliateMarketIngtools of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine
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Office of News and Public Information


William Kearney
Executive Director

Dana Korsen
Manager, Media Relations

Sara Frueh

Senior Media Officer
Science policy, global affairs, earth and life studies, including environment and biotechnology

Stephanie Miceli
Media Officer
Medicine, health policy, and nutrition

Kacey Templin
Media Officer
Behavioral and social sciences, education, physical sciences, including energy, aeronautics, space, and aviation

Andrew Robinson
Media Assistant

Molly Galvin
Director of Executive Communications

Valerie Chase
Director of Print and Web Publishing 

Christian Dobbins

Manager, Web Communications

Shelly Wolfe

Public Access Records Specialist & Financial and Administrative Officer


Office of News and Public Information
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Tel.: --2138

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The AffiliateMarketIngtools
Office of News and Public Information
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