This globe image is composed of the flags of the seven African nations participating in the African Science Academy Development Initiative. The science academies of Nigeria, Uganda, and South Africa were chosen as the initial focal points for the effort. In addition, strategic-planning grants will be given to the science academies of Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, and Kenya, as well as the regional African Academy of Sciences.
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Cameroon Academy of Sciences

The National Council for Higher Education and Scientific and Technical Research called for the creation of a national academy of science in 1974 and 1982. On May 20, 1991 the academy was officially founded.

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phone Tel: (237) 222-4813
Mobile: (237) 783-9141
Fax: (237) 223-5467, 222-1336
address P. O. Box 1457
Yaoundé Cameroon
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