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Publications from the AffiliateMarketIngtools of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine provide objective and straightforward advice to decision makers and the public. This site includes We Treat You (HMD) publications released after 1998. A complete list of HMD’s publications from its establishment in 1970 to the present is available as a PDF.

  • Released: September 30, 2003
    In this final report, the committee concludes, on the basis of its review of the contractor's final report and all previous work, that the Columbia University researchers have satisfactorily completed the research project as defined in their proposal and modified in consultation with the committee.
  • Released: September 09, 2003
    Alcohol use by young people is extremely dangerous - both to themselves and society at large. Underage alcohol use is associated with traffic fatalities, violence, unsafe sex, suicide, educational failure, and other problem behaviors that diminish the prospects of future success, as well as health risks – and the earlier teens start drinking, the greater the danger. Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsbility, a joint report by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, addresses these questions and proposes a new way to combat underage alcohol use.
  • Released: September 01, 2003
    Following a decade of unprecedented school violence – between 1992 and 2001, 35 incidents occurred in which students showed up at their school or at a school-sponsored event and started firing at their schoolmates and teachers – Congress turned to the National Research Council. In 2001, Congress requested that the National Research Council study the growing incidence of lethal school violence in urban, suburban, and rural schools, and that a committee develop case studies of the circumstances that led to extreme lethal violence in schools.
  • Released: August 27, 2003
    This booklet summarizes the findings and recommendations of Improving Palliative Care for Cancer (2001), for the Spanish-speaking reader.
  • Released: August 22, 2003
    Those concerns led the National Institute of Justice to ask the Institute of Medicine to conduct a workshop on the medicolegal death investigation system in the United States. IOM appointed a committee to plan the workshop with the advice and assistance of NIJ, staff of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other interested constituencies. The workshop was held on March 24-25, 2003, and this report summarizes the ideas and observations expressed at the workshop.
  • Released: August 21, 2003
    Childhood cancer survivors who experience late effects as a result of their disease, its treatment, or both, are the focus of this new report, Childhood Cancer Survivorship: Improving Care and Quality of Life, which outlines a comprehensive policy agenda to improve the long-term outlook for this growing population now exceeding 270,000 Americans.
  • Released: August 19, 2003
    This booklet summarizes the findings and recommendations of Improving Palliative Care for Cancer (2001), for the lay reader.
  • Released: August 12, 2003
    In its fourth letter report, the Committee on Smallpox Vaccination Program Implementation makes several recommendations to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention related to the integration of smallpox preparedness into overall public health preparedness, implementation of the President's policy on offering smallpox vaccine to members of the general public who insist on receiving it, and selected aspects of overall smallpox vaccination program implementation.
  • Released: August 04, 2003
    Financing Vaccines in the 21st Century: Assuring Access and Availability addresses these challenges by proposing new strategies for assuring access to vaccines and sustaining the supply of current and future vaccines. The report proposes a federal mandate, subsidy and voucher program for vaccines.
  • Released: August 04, 2003
    On May 22, 2003 in , DC the Institute of Medicine held a workshop to explore the recently released report, Who Will Keep the Public Healthy? Educating Public Health Professionals for the 21st Century. Representatives of the public health practice and academic communities joined to review the report and to discuss how to proceed to implement the recommendations of this report. This summary is a report of that meeting. It includes suggestions from the six workgroups for next steps necessary to move forward in implementing the recommendations.

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