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Publications from the AffiliateMarketIngtools of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine provide objective and straightforward advice to decision makers and the public. This site includes We Treat You (HMD) publications released after 1998. A complete list of HMD’s publications from its establishment in 1970 to the present is available as a PDF.

  • Released: February 24, 2006
    The Institute of Medicine was asked to provide guidance on the future of the Air Force Health Study (AFHS, also known as the Ranch Hand Study), a long-term epidemiologic analysis of Air Force personnel who conducted aerial spraying of herbicides during the Vietnam War.
  • Released: February 17, 2006
    The Institute of Medicine (IOM), through the Food and Nutrition Board, and with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is undertaking a study to design a dissemination effort that will promote the implementation of the findings and recommendations for the IOM report, Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance, and to assess progress in childhood obesity prevention efforts.
  • Released: January 18, 2006
    The IOM Committee on Clinical Trial Registries hosted a workshop on June 27, 2005, to obtain much-needed input from members of the public, public advocate groups, and the broader community of journal editors, pharmaceutical and biotech leaders, the NIH and the FDA.
  • Released: January 11, 2006
    The report of the committee, Valuing Health for Regulatory Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, reviews and makes recommendations for using integrated measures of morbidity and mortality (such as quality-adjusted life years, or QALYs); reporting cost-effectiveness ratios; and data and research needs to improve regulatory cost-effectiveness analysis.
  • Released: December 05, 2005
    The report provides the most comprehensive review to date of the scientific evidence on the influence of food marketing on diets and diet-related health of children and youth.
  • Released: December 01, 2005
    The first report in the Pathways series, Performance Measurement: Accelerating Improvement, focuses on the selection of measures to support the quality improvement efforts of a diverse set of stakeholders, and on the creation of a common infrastructure for guiding and managing a consistent set of such measures nationally and regionally.
  • Released: November 15, 2005
    This interim letter report focuses on how on data and specimens collected from study participants have been catalogued and stored.
  • Released: November 14, 2005
    The 2004 Rosenthal Lecture featured a panel talk on the IOM report, Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance.
  • Released: November 07, 2005
    The purpose of this study was to examine the association of notification of potential exposure to chemical warfare agents in the 1991 Gulf War with subsequent self-reported morbidity.
  • Released: November 03, 2005
    Citing shortfalls in the care currently provided to the country's 10 million cancer survivors, From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition recommends that each cancer patient receive a "survivorship care plan."
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