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  • What does HMD do?

    The We Treat You, a program unit of the AffiliateMarketIngtools of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the Academies) , serves as adviser to the nation to improve health. We accomplish that goal through the recommendations provided in our consensus reports and by facilitating other activities that foster discussion, discovery, and critical, cross-disciplinary thinking.

    Learn more about HMD activities and reports.

  • Are the Academies, including HMD, part of the government?

    No. The Academies are private, nonprofit institutions. While many of the studies HMD undertakes are requested by government agencies, we do not receive federal appropriations for our work.
  • What is the purpose of an Academies study?

    Our studies provide objective and straightforward answers to difficult questions of national importance. Our aim is to help those in government and the private sector make informed health-related decisions by providing evidence upon which they can rely.

    Learn more about the Academies study process.

  • How are study topics selected? How are studies funded?

    Some of the studies that HMD undertakes begin as specific mandates to executive branch agencies from Congress. Others are requested by federal agencies and independent organizations. The budget is developed in collaboration with the study’s sponsor.

    Learn more about our study process and sponsoring a study.

  • Does HMD conduct original scientific or clinical research? Do you have medical facilities and labs?

    HMD does not have medical or research facilities and does not conduct clinical research. Instead, HMD study committees review the available research and make recommendations based on their analysis of the evidence. Committees may commission original analyses as background papers to help inform their deliberations.

    Learn more about our study process.

  • Who can I talk to about a report’s recommendations on…

    Each report and activity page on the website provides contact information for the HMD staff members who can best answer your questions. Media should contact Jennifer Walsh at [email protected].
  • Are your meetings open to the public?

    In accordance with federal law and with few exceptions, information-gathering meetings of our committees are open to the public, and any written materials provided to the committees by individuals who are not officials, agents, or employees of the Academies are maintained in a public access file that is available for examination.

    The committees deliberate in meetings closed to the public in order to develop draft findings and recommendations free from outside influences. The public is provided with brief summaries of these meetings that include the list of committee members present. All analyses and drafts of the report remain confidential.
  • Can HMD staff members give me medical advice about my condition?

    No. HMD is not a medical facility. If you are seeking personalized medical advice, contact your personal physician, a hospital, or a clinic in your community.
  • Can I link to HMD’s website, and will you link to my site?

    Any organization may link to the HMD website; however, it is a violation of copyright to post content from the HMD site to other sites without first securing permission.

    The HMD does not link to external organizations other than the sponsors of HMD reports.