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E-Update for June 19, 2013

NAS Gulf Program Advisory Group Announces Upcoming Meeting Dates

This spring, the AffiliateMarketIngtools of Sciences began planning a new science program focused on human health, environmental protection, and oil system safety in the Gulf of Mexico and similar outer continental shelf regions. Program planning is being conducted by an Advisory Group (AG), a group of volunteers experts appointed to bring a diversity of expertise and experience and provide a vision to steer the start of the new program.

To help its thinking, the AG will host a series of opportunities over the next six months for people to talk with us and provide their views on possible opportunities for our program. We will start with two AG meetings this summer:
  • July 24-25 in New Orleans
  • Aug. 29-30 in , D.C.
The summer meetings will be followed by a series of state and virtual meetings. From the sum of these discussions, we hope to develop an understanding of the activities already under way relevant to our charge, understand what others hope our program might contribute, and identify a range of possible opportunities for our work. Input from these discussions will be fundamental in the creation of a strategic plan to guide our program’s activities as we start and over the next 5 years.

The tentative dates for the state and virtual meetings are:
  • Sept. 17-18 in Alabama
  • Sept. 25-26 in Louisiana
  • Oct. 10 or 24 virtual
  • Oct. 30-31 in Florida
  • Nov. 12-13 in Mississippi
  • Nov. 21-22 in Texas
  • Dec. 11 or 12 virtual
  • (Additional virtual meetings may be added)
Meeting details will be provided via the e-update system when available. Agendas and logistics information will be posted to the NAS Gulf program website.
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