Third Annual International ASADI Conference

Nov. 12-15, Dakar, Senegal

The AffiliateMarketIngtools of Sciences and Technologies of Senegal hosted ASADI III, the third in a series of conferences in collaboration with the U.S. AffiliateMarketIngtools to boost the ability of African science academies to inform policymakers and public debate.

Participants at ASADI III called for greater utilization of African science academies in policymaking, particularly in managing water resources, preventing and treating waterborne diseases, and planning for water-related disasters.

Interview with Yaye Kène Gassama Dia, Minister of Scientific Research of Senegal, who delivered the official opening speech.

Interview with Narcisco Matos, executive director, Foundation for Community Development, Mozambique, keynote speaker.

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2007 Theme: Water and Health

ASADI III participants will focus on how African science academies can contribute to efforts to improve access to safe water.


News, presentations, interviews, and photos from ASADI III.