Press Releases and Media Advisories

African Science Academies to Hold Annual Meeting Nov. 10-12 in Kampala, Uganda; Marks Culmination of 10-Year Initiative

Access to Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa Is Theme of Sixth Annual ASADI Conference

ASSAf Hosts African Science Academy Conference on Energy

African Science Academies Release Report on Using Science To Save Lives

ASADI IV Held Nov. 4 and 5 in London

ASADI in the News

Science on the sidelines of US-Africa Leaders summit

Scientists 'Must Ensure Key Research Reaches the Poor'

African Academies Show How Science Can Save Lives

Report: Better Health Care Could Save 4 Million in Sub-Saharan Africa

Preventing Half the World's Annual Child and Maternal Deaths: The Answer's on the Shelf

Biomed Analysis: Mothers' Health Needs Targeted Science

Academies Have No-One to Fear But Themselves

Policy Advice 'Poses Challenge' for Africa Academies

African Academies Urge Politicians Not to Ignore Them

Africa's Academies: Robust Scientific Institutions Won't Be Built in a Day

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