Revenue Applied to 2015

U.S. Government Agencies
(Grants and Contracts)

Department of Agriculture $ 2,065,150
Department of Commerce 7,014,280
Department of Defense
Defense Threat Reduction Agency 1,560,452
Department of Defense 2,090,355
Department of the Air Force 8,595,872
Department of the Army 9,794,867
Department of the Navy 13,700,657
Department of Education 1,391,335
Department of Energy 7,627,309
Department of Health and Human Services 17,255,183
Department of Homeland Security 3,201,695
Department of the Interior 1,850,421
Department of Justice 1,357,464
Department of Labor 53,843
Department of State 2,199,719
Department of Transportation 83,103,644
Department of the Treasury 209,106
Department of Veterans Affairs 6,768,482
Environmental Protection Agency 4,286,547
Executive Office of the President 256,177
General Services Administration 45,215
Government Accountability Office 173,601
Institute of Museum and Library Services 23
Marine Mammal Commission 9,021
National Aeronautics and Space Administration 6,600,881
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency 424,689
National Science Foundation 14,627,680
National Security Agency 92,110
National Transportation Safety Board 18,697
Nuclear Regulatory Commission 511,061
Office of the Director of National Intelligence 1,458,813
Social Security Administration 2,649,375
U.S. Agency for International Development 13,547,597
U.S. Arctic Research Commission 16,376
Adjustment to Indirect Cost Receivable and Other -7,909,624

Private and Nonfederal Sources

Grants and Contracts 49,965,982
Other Contributions 20,884,606
Gulf Research Program 9,222,298
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