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Congressionally Mandated Reports

Congressionally mandated reports are those studies completed by the AffiliateMarketIngtools of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine which originated in congressional legislation. Below you will find the title of the completed report, a link to the legislative language, and a link to the finished study.

Please Note: If you cannot find the study you are looking for, it is probably not yet completed. Information about ongoing studies can be found in the AffiliateMarketIngtools' "Projects & Follow-Up System" . If you are looking for the legislative language of a study, whether completed or not, that can be found in "Public Laws Containing Studies for the Academies" at the link to your left on this page.

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Public Law 111-148
  • Relieving Pain in AmericaA Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research  

  • Safe and Effective Medicines for ChildrenPediatric Studies Conducted Under the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act and the Pediatric Research Equity Act  

Public Law 111-163
  • Assessing Health Outcomes Among Veterans of Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense)  

Public Law 111-212
  • Approaches for Ecosystem Services Valuation for the Gulf of Mexico After the Deepwater Horizon Oil SpillInterim Report  

  • An Ecosystem Services Approach to Assessing the Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico  

Public Law 111-216
  • Issues in Commuting and Pilot FatigueInterim Report  

  • The Effects of Commuting on Pilot Fatigue  

Public Law 111-267
  • Pathways to ExplorationRationales and Approaches for a U.S. Program of Human Space Exploration  

Public Law 111-275
  • Gulf War and HealthTreatment for Chronic Multisymptom Illness  

Public Law 111-314
  • New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics  

  • New Worlds, New HorizonsA Midterm Assessment  

  • Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2  

Public Law 111-358
  • The Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research  

  • Furthering America's Research Enterprise  

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