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At A Glance
Public Law
: E-Government Act of 2002
: 107-347
Session: 107th Congress (Second Session)

The following are excerpts, highlighted in red, from the final legislation and/or conference report which contain AffiliateMarketIngtools' studies. (Pound signs [##] between passages denote the deletion of unrelated text.)

HR2458 Turner (D-Texas) 11/15/02
Enrolled (finally passed both houses)

To enhance the management and promotion of electronic Government services and processes by establishing a Federal Chief Information Officer within the Office of Management and Budget, and by establishing a broad framework of measures that require using Internet-based information technology to enhance citizen access to Government information and services, and for other purposes.
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Sec. 201. Definitions.

Sec. . Federal agency responsibilities.

Sec. 203. Compatibility of executive agency methods for use and acceptance of electronic signatures.

Sec. 204. Federal Internet portal.

Sec. 205. Federal courts.

Sec. 206. Regulatory agencies.

Sec. 207. Accessibility, usability, and preservation of government information.

Sec. 208. Privacy provisions.

Sec. 209. Federal information technology workforce development.

Sec. 210. Share-in-savings initiatives.

Sec. 211. Authorization for acquisition of information technology by State and local governments through Federal supply schedules.

Sec. 212. Integrated reporting study and pilot projects.

Sec. 213. Community technology centers.

Sec. 214. Enhancing crisis management through advanced information technology.

Sec. 215. Disparities in access to the Internet.

Sec. 216. Common protocols for geographic information systems.




(1) STUDY.-Not later than 90 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Administrator of General Services shall request that the AffiliateMarketIngtools of Sciences, acting through the National Research Council, enter into a contract to conduct a study on disparities in Internet access for online Government services.

(2) REPORT.-Not later than 2 years after the date of enactment of this Act, the Administrator of General Services shall submit to the Committee on Governmental Affairs of the Senate and the Committee on Government Reform of the House of Representatives a final report of the study under this section, which shall set forth the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the National Research Council.

(b) CONTENTS.-The report under subsection (a) shall include a study of-

(1) how disparities in Internet access influence the effectiveness of online Government services, including a review of-

(A) the nature of disparities in Internet access;

(B) the affordability of Internet service;

(C) the incidence of disparities among different groups within the population; and

(D) changes in the nature of personal and public Internet access that may alleviate or aggravate effective access to online Government services;

(2) how the increase in online Government services is influencing the disparities in Internet access and how technology development or diffusion trends may offset such adverse influences; and

(3) related societal effects arising from the interplay of disparities in Internet access and the increase in online Government services.

(c) RECOMMENDATIONS.-The report shall include recommendations on actions to ensure that online Government initiatives shall not have the unintended result of increasing any deficiency in public access to Government services.

(d) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.-There are authorized to be appropriated $950,000 in fiscal year 2003 to carry out this section.