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Agre with credit World Malaria Day 2019

On , we are highlighting , Director of the  and former Chair of the CHR, and his work to develop innovative malaria treatments, as well as his efforts to ensure that such treatments are accessible to the communities most in need. Through such work, Dr. Agre is helping to further the right to health. To learn about how Dr. Agre and his colleagues harness the power of community engagement to find an end to malaria, read our feature here.





sudan image 3Nature highlights release of academics, doctors following ousting of Sudanese leader  

April 22, 2019

An details the release from detention of hundreds of Sudanese civilians, including academics and health professionals, following the deposal of former President Omar Al-Bashir.  Among the individuals released is leading geneticist Muntaser Ibrahim, who was detained in February after helping to prepare a proposal for achieving peace in his country.  CHR Chair Martin Chalfie is quoted in the article, stressing that “(t)he detention of scientists and scholars for the peaceful expression of their views is contrary to the most fundamental principles of international human rights, and devastating for scientific research and progress.”  The article highlights the prominent role that academics have played historically, and continue to play, in the movement for peace and democracy in Sudan. 




  ibrahim crop 2
Sudanese Scientist Released from Detention 
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  that studies crop
Criminal Case against 
Thai Scientists Dismissed
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Travel Restrictions on Azerbaijani Political Scientist Removed; Probation Canceled

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